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The most highly sought-after lifestyle changing fitness pro in the industry, Jason has nearly 30 years experience and over 6000+ transformations as a Master Certified Trainer, Registered Dietitian, and Certified Sports Bodywork Specialist. Schedule your FREE consultation today.  

What I offer

Fitness & Nutrition – Weight Loss, Sports, Body Building, Healthy Lifestyle

Lifestyle Transformation Coaching

Virtual Coaching, Group Fitness & On Demand Classes

Free Social Fitness/Wellness Community

Sports Rehab, Massage & Bodywork Therapy, Mobility Training

Customized Fitness & Nutrition Plans

Motivational Speaking For Your Next Event

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For most of my life I have struggled to find a balance with a healthy active lifestyle. But in order to understand why I do what I do and where my passion comes from you have to hear the whole story.  Listen in now.

Professional Services

With experience in all areas of Pro-Sport athlete training and conditioning, extreme weight loss clients, and years of coaching clients to change their habits and routines to finally reach their fitness, nutrition and wellness goals, there's not too many situations Jason hasn't seen.  Find the right program for your goals or schedule a consultation to discuss your specific needs. 

Fitness & Nutrition

From sports programs to weight loss and everything in between, Jason has advanced degrees and many years of experience in all areas of fitness and nutrition. Whether it's a meal plan with macros to lose fat or a workout plan for massive growth, Jason does it all.

Lifestyle Coaching

Over the last 15 years there's been a huge shift towards developing healthy long-term habits and routines that totally transform a person's life. Working with over 6000+ clients, Jason has developed all the tools needed to completely change your life.

 Bodywork Therapy

Recovery, restoratation, and muscle manipulation are a huge part of a healthy, active lifestyle. With an advanced degree in Sports Therapy, as a certified bodywork specialist Jason provides services for post-workout recovery and healing as well as mobility and relaxation.

I’m on a Mission to Inspire Millions of People!

Whether one person at a time, or on stage to the masses, I’m dedicated to changing the fitness and nutrition habits of every person who is ready for the next level.

Take your life to the next level

In Person Coaching

In -home or On-site personalized fitness and nutrition coaching.

Virtual Training

Online group classes, on demand recordings, self-guided courses.

Total lives changed

New clients this month

Helping You Build Your Badass Body – Change Your Life

Motivational Speaker

As a respected professional and nationally acclaimed personal trainer and dietitian, Jason has shared his journey and techniques with thousands of people around the world. 

His dynamic and magnetic personality simply energizes the stage, and his life-changing presentations transform anyone who attends.  Contact us today to invite Jason to your next event.


My journey has been empowering. For me, losing weight is great and I like how I look, however, Jason gave me new life, energy, self confidence, and self love. I learned how strong I am, and that I can do anything if I put my mind to it. Jason helped me take responsibility for my health and life. He can change your life too!

Meredith Owens

Medical Practitioner, Lexington KY

Every great leader has one thing in common.  They hire coaches to guide them, push them and hold them accountable.  If you’re stuck in your business you need Jason.  Put in the effort and he will work tirelessly to reach goals beyond what you ever thought possible.”

Jen Jaxon

Online Personal Trainer & Nutritionist, Woodbridge VA

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