About Jason

Growing up I was considered a lot of things: I was smart, talented, and trained in classical piano from the age of 5. I was outgoing and friendly. I succeeded at every single thing I set out to do. But for the most part, I was best known for being “the fat kid”.

That fat kid never goes away

My parents enrolled me in Weight Watchers at the age of 10 in hopes that I would change my habits and constructively deal with my weight issues.

Instead, the weekly meetings where we would weigh ourselves in front of a group, cheering each other’s successes and slow-clapping each other’s set backs, began my downward spiral of self-sabotage and approval seeking. This damaged my self-esteem for years to come.

“For things to change,
YOU must change.”

This quote was shared with me when one of my best friends told me the most hurtful thing. What started out as, “Jason, you’re just fat, lazy and irresponsible” ended with the famous quote above from my favorite personal development guru, Jim Rohn.

You see, for most of my life I struggled, and no one ever wanted to be truthful with me because we are all so sensitive these days, and no one wants to hurt anyone’s feelings.

So although we see it and at times we can quietly admit it to ourselves in the mirror, no one ever says it out loud.

Sound familiar?

It was a harsh reality,
but it was true

I was fat, lazy and irresponsible – and like many of us I relied on excuses that kept me hostage at every turn, never reaching my goals.

Our own limiting beliefs can prevent us from realizing our true potential. They can keep us from building the healthy lifestyle we want, holding us back from the greatness we have inside.

I’m not an easy coach because I’ve been exactly where you are right now. I dig deep. I ask tough questions. I say things that don’t always feel good. But I coach you, side-by-side, using tools and training modules designed specifically for you. I help you discover the vision you want for your future, and I work tirelessly to push you beyond what you ever imagined was possible.

“A good coach takes people where they want to go. A great coach takes people where they DON’T want to go, but ought to.” 

After helping more than 6,000 clients world-wide achieve their goals, I’ve overcome every challenge and every struggle imaginable — and I’ve coached people who are exactly where you are right now.  

It was only natural that other coaches would look up to me for guidance and mentoring.  People don’t hire a coaching program — they hire coaches who understand their concerns and support their hopes and dreams. They want an experienced coach who has been there, and will walk with them side-by-side until they reach their goals.

The same holds true as a fitness professional coach. I’ve been in this business for nearly 30 years. I have advanced degrees in Nutrition and Sports Physiology. I am a Certified Elite Master Personal Trainer and Advanced Sports Nutrition Specialist with my Registered Dietitian Nutritionist License. I have worked with both business and personal coaches myself, and have certifications from 3 well-respected Business and Life Coaching programs. Along with my incredible list of client results, all of this enables me to bring an incredible amount of knowledge to my clients and anyone in the fitness industry.  

Your success starts here

After I changed my mindset about my own personal results, I realized my business results and my success as a coach relied heavily on the same concept.

If you aren’t happy with your health and fitness, what do you need to change about yourself to reach your goals?  In all aspects of your life, that same mindset shift must occur.

If you aren’t where you want to be – personally, financially, physically, in a life that bring you joy, inspiring the people around you, and living the lifestyle you deserve – then my job is to help you dig deep and discover what must change within yourself so you can become the person to achieve your goals and dreams. I’m ready to help!

My question to you is — are you seriously ready to change?


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